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Kopanong Local municipality has been working tirelessly with its stakeholders to contain, prepare for and mitigate the impact of the Coronavirus. In addition to the steps announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday and Thursday, the Municipality has implemented a number of measures to ensure the most effective response to the pandemic, this includes amongst others the following;

  1. Municipal Offices will be closed from the 26th March 2020 until 16th April 2020, however Essential Services will be provided to our Communities.
  2. Communities to contact their local Unit Managers/Technical Supervisors for any emergency.
  3. No Community Facilities will be utilised during this period. (Libraries and Halls)
  4. Only necessary staffing levels will be maintained to ensure continued service to the public, although such service may not be at the level that is usually found in normal times. In this regard, the Municipality pleads for understanding of the public, especially as the deteriorating situation in the country means that no “walk-in” complaints will be attended to through face-to-face consultations. Contact details of persons responsible for complaints handling will be made public in all offices.


  • NB: Payment of Services can be electronically made using their Invoice Number as Reference Bank FNB, Acc Numbers 62021950276
  • Community Members whose water was cut-off are urgently requested to visit their local offices


If we are to beat the pandemic, we should stand together and support the efforts that the nation is promoting. The Municipality wishes to add its voice to calls that urge every single person within South Africa to take all reasonable steps to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19. These preventative steps include restrictions and limitations imposed by Government on social gatherings, including what is commonly referred to as social distancing. While these limitations are an inconvenience, they are necessary for the survival of the nation against this pandemic. And, as difficult as these impediments are, they are meant to uphold the right to health and, ultimately, life. Kopanong Local Municipality also re-iterates the need for continued personal hygiene.

Communities are advised not to cause panic on any cases falsely reported and only consider cases announced by the National Health Minister/ MEC for Health in the Free State Province/World Health Organisation and National Institute for Communicable Diseases. Like other entities in the country, the Municipality is deeply concerned by the spread of infections by the COVID-19 in the country and would like to contribute in every possible manner towards arresting the spread and eliminating the pandemic. We feel for and pledge support to those who have tested positive. The Municipality stands in solidarity with them and their families and friends and wishes them a speedy and complete recovery.

For further information and until further notice kindly contact the following Local Responsible persons on the matter;


Unit Manager:Mr Abraham Faro 073 1311 930

Technical Supervisor: Mr WG Ngoloti 072 5042 177



Unit Manager: Mr Ike Koalepe 083 7078 232

Technical Supervisor: Mr Manka 073 3308 608



Unit Manager: Mr Godfrey Moitse 072 8171 337/076 0761 976

Technical Supervisor: Mr Papi Ramaleka 078 4181 080



Unit Manager: Me Annie Phaku 063 3610 594

Technical Supervisor Alvin van Wesenaar 078 8185 931



Unit Manager: Mr Terrance Mthatha 073 9652 553/076 1875 121

Technical Supervisor: Mr Sello Sebonyane 079 5410 235/079 9085 035



Unit Manager: Me L Rouls 083 3628 812

Technical Supervisor: Mr Fani Nqayi 073 6331 828



Unit Manager: Mr Moferefere Modise 083 2575 564

Technical Supervisor: Mr Teboho Moleko 083 5765 469



Unit Manager: Me Ntswaki Mafantiri 073 4684 887

Technical Supervisor: Me Busisiwe Baruza 079 2640 315



Unit Manager: Me Pulane Phoka 083 3253 232

Technical Supervisor: Mr Mthandazo Fane 063 0786 529



Issued by Kopanong Local Municipality Communications

Inquiries: Mr Solomzi Phama

24th March 2020

Municipal Spokesperson

071 9565 410

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