History and Overview of Reddersburg

Reddersburg is situated approximately 65 km northeast of Trompsburg. Access to the town is gained from the R717 route between Edenburg and Dewetsdorp.

Social and economic functions
Reddersburg/ Matoporong serves as a general agricultural service centre within the Kopanong Municipality. and The main social and economic functions of the town is to serve as (a) general agricultural service centre to surrounding farming areas, and (b) social functions such as residence, education and medical services.


The town was founded by the Dutch Reformed Church when the farm Vlakfontein was bought for 1500 pounds on 20 August 1859 for a parish and named ‘Saviour’s Fort’, a town well known for strict moral laws. Until 1894, when the municipality took over, the town was run by the church. Among the bylaws was a prohibition of profane language and disturbances of the peace. Those who fell afoul of these regulations were given eight days to leave town. It was in Reddersburg that the legendary General Christiaan de Wet (1854 – 1922) made his final public appearance in 1922.


Obelisk: Commemorating General de Wet (1854 – 1922), the Boer general who captured an entire British column at Reddersburg during the Anglo-Boer War. Anglo-Boer War Memorial: Dedicated in particular to fallen soldiers from the Reddersburg district. Civic Monument: A commemoration of Boer victims of the Anglo-Boer War. Mosterthoek Battlefield: The Boers overwhelmed the British forces and on 4 April the white flag was hoisted here. Reformed and Dutch Reformed Churches: Two sandstone churches grace the town centre. In one of them an Anglo-Boer War powder magazine can be seen. Republic Monument: A monument originally erected to commemorate the country becoming a republic.